Meaning of Name

Subordinate Level




Drew and Joe (Adopted sons)



First Appearance

Pokemon Wolf Stories Ep 4



Saheiji is a character from the series he has a kind heart and worries of the others. He takes care of Drew and his brother but soon where attacked by monkeys,Saheiji could only protect one child,for consecuences he lost the movement of his low body and he can't transform into a human again.

Pokemon Wolf StoriesEdit

He is first seen when Drew arrives with Kyouhei,Brendan and Lucas he got a surprised to see them since they were the friends of a man that he knows. He then welcomes them.Later he told Drew to go and help him and he told him that he wasn't the real father,that shocked Drew.Lately he meet Ethan and his friends he tells about Kris and his3 sons he is carried by Red to the battle ground only where he sees Drew, his beloved foster son, die. After that he tells to Ethan to search for his last son.

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