Hougen's pack

First appearance

Pokémon Wolf Stories Ep 13

Last appearance

Pokémon Wolf Stories Ep 15


Deceased (drowned)

Family or owners


Meaning of Name




Pokemon Wolf StoriesEdit

Sniper is a black-and-brown Doberman Pinscher with brown eyes and red collar.
He has oddly grey paws. Sniper is cold, serious and greedy dog. He is a ruthless killer and seems to care only about himself. He makes his first appearance when Black and the others tried to run away, he yells at them and attack Ethan but Ethan was strong and knock him out letting them escape.Later he is seen when Kenny who challenge Hougen. After Hougen killed Kenny he is lating seeing arriving to the Red and is friends. In the battle Sniper fight Black with Hougen. When Black defeats them,Sniper tries to attack him again but he falls into a hole that's so deep that only his head is visible. Unfortunately he falls and vanishes through the hole before crashing into the rocks and drowning in the river below.

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